NegosyoNow Equipment Guide: Single Griddle
June 30, 2021

Don’t know how to use your newly-bought single griddle? Cleaning seems messy and out of control? Too many whys and hows? Don’t fret! We got your back! Follow these easy tips and tricks to use, clean, and maintain your equipment.


  1. Installation
    • Lubricate regulator outlet pipe with oil before attaching hose
    • Screw clips tightly
    • Attach regulator to the tank and lock tightly
    • Attach the other end of hose to the pipe inlet of steamer (make sure to tighten clips)
    • Open LPG Tank
    • Use sponge and liquid soap bubbles to test if there are leaks in hose and pipe outlets
    • Test if the oven knob is working and fire is ignited properly
  2. Preparation for Cooking
    • Open the griddle
    • Put oil on the grill
    • Scatter oil evenly
    • Add your patties and buns
    • Cook until golden brown
  3. Cleaning (after each cook)
    • Scrape debris of food on the grill
    • While the grill is still hot, pour clean water and scrape all the dirt
    • Remove extra water from the oil drain
  4. Cleaning (closing)
    • While still hot, pour water and liquid soap and brush with sponge
    • Rinse again with clean water and scrape extra dirts from the grill
    • Remove grilling plate and wash oil canal with soap and water
    • Clean outside surface with wet towel
    • Return the grilling plate

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