Burger & Fries Package
Burger & Fries Package
Supplier : Onprem Concepts
About this product

The most affordable way to enter the booming Buy-one-take-one Burger business pioneered by Angels Burger and Minute Burger. Our Burger and Fries Negosyo Package comes complete with the following:

  • Griddle with Fryer (1pc) 
  • Menu Tarp (1pc)
  • Tong (1pc)
  • Catsup Squeeze Bottle (2pcs)
  • Bread Knife (1pc)
  • Spatula (1pc)
  • Buddies Burger Patties Fresh 32s x 1000 g (1pck)
  • 5am Hamburger Buns 6s x 300g (5pcks)
  • French Fries (1pck)
  • Kusinamate Catsup 1.5L (1pck)
  • Kusinamate Mayonnaise 1.5L (1pck)
  • Kusinamate Sliced Cheese 20s (1pck)
  • Hamburger Wrapper 100s (1pck)
  • Fries Tray 20 x 40s (1pck)