Barangay Burger

Exciting news for all aspiring entrepreneurs in the Philippines! Brgy Burger offers an incredible opportunity to venture into the food industry.

With this unique concept, you'll be able to attract customers by offering them unbeatable value. Imagine satisfying your customers' hunger by giving them two mouthwatering burgers for the price of one! Siguradong sulit busog!

Join our franchise family and become a part of this exciting opportunity. Don't miss out on the chance to serve delicious burgers and make your customers' day with our irresistible Buy1 Take1 offers.

Food & Beverage
4 years
Included in Package
Starts at P29,999.00
Frequently Asked Questions
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+What are the inclusions
+Will I be the one in charge of looking for a location
+How big does my location need to be
+What areas do you cover
+How do I start applying for a franchise
+How long before I get feedback regarding my application
+Do you provide training
+What if I just want to get products only