Pizza Rush

Introducing the perfect pizza franchise opportunity that will make you the talk of the town - Pizza Rush!

Tap into the booming pizza industry with a tried and tested business model. Pizza Rush offers a diverse menu to appeal to all taste buds of Pinoys, from traditional favorites to unique gourmet creations. The best part, just put the pizzas in the oven, bake and serve to your customers - it is so easy!

Be a part of the growing pizza revolution in the Philippines and get a Pizza Rush Franchise. Join our franchise family today and start making dough!

Food & Beverage
Pizza Rush
4 years
Starts at P5,999.00
Frequently Asked Questions
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+What are the inclusions
+Will I be the one in charge of looking for a location
+How big does my location need to be
+What areas do you cover
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+How long before I get feedback regarding my application
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