Negosyo Now Recipe: Flavored Chicken Wings
Flavored Chicken Wings for Your Business
October 14, 2019
Chicken Wings

Filipinos love fried chicken, particularly chicken wings! Everywhere, restaurant owners and milk tea shops are adding chicken wings to their menu! Even UNLIMITED CHICKEN WINGS are sprouting all over the metro! Make sure you are not left behind! Make sure your restaurant, milk tea shop, coffee shop or canteen has a great supplier of all the supplies needed to make delicious mouthwatering chicken wings! Make sure that your supplier has complete ingredients, from raw chicken wings, to different sauce flavors and even batter! These ingredients should be at wholesale prices! We’re here to deliver the needs of our fellow negosyante that’s why we make sure that we have complete ingredients just for you and your business.

Now, let’s talk about how to make delicious wings! Captivate consumers with tastier than ever Chicken wings! You don’t have to worry how the wings are done, we’ve got that covered. Crispy Chicken Wings coated in ‘easy-to-make Mouthwatering Sauces. This method will surely make your Chicken Wings irresistible. It’s easy and simple if you follow these steps.


  • 1kg Chicken Wings  
  • 150g Tempura Batter  
  • 20g Chicken Rub  
  • Sauce  
  • 250g COLD WATER (important)

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October 14, 2019

Easy Chicken Wings Recipe

Easy Chicken Wings Recipe


  1. Marinate
    • Dry Chicken Wings with clean paper towel
    • Mix 20 grams of Chicken Rub to 1 kilogram of Chicken Wings
    • Refrigerate for 1 hour to 2 hours
    Make sure the chicken is defrosted before you put your chicken rub on it
  2. Prep Tempura Batter
    • Mix 150 grams of Tempura Batter and 250 grams of cold water
    Here's a tip: Always make sure that the water you'll be mixing is COLD.
  3. Marinate
    • Dip the Chicken Wings in Tempura Batter
  4. Fry
    • Fry them in medium heat
    • Wait until golden Brown
    Avoid overcrowding the pan, leaving lots of space around each piece so the chicken will cook evenly.
  5. Flavoring
    • Put the Sauces in a bowl
    • Dip the bristles of the brush into the Sauce and coat the Chicken Wings completely.

Make sure to serve immediately, your customers will surely love it! Shop now or you can order through +639177124824 and make your restaurant, food cart, milk tea shop, restaurant or coffee shop more exciting with new menus!