Negosyo Now Recipe: Ice Candies
Ice Candies for Your Business
October 11, 2019
Ice Candies

Soft and smooth Ice candies that will make your customers come back. Affordable recipe and easy to make! Ice candies are not just for children, but for grown-ups too. It sells best during hot seasons and it’s affordable too! It comes in different flavors and colors. Make sure your food cart, sari sari store, food kiosk, or shop has a great supplier of powdered ice candies that offer wholesale prices!

It’s easy! Just follow these simple steps and serve it to your customers.


  • 1kg Flavored Powder  
  • 5L Water
  • Ice candy bags

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October 11, 2019

Ice Candy

Ice Candy


  1. Pick a flavor
    • HALOHALO CO. offers several flavors.
  2. Pour 1 kilo of flavored powder
  3. Pour 5 liters of water
  4. Mix until it dissolves
    • Make sure to mix the flavored powder in the water very well
  5. Pour the mixture in ice candy bag
    • Use 10 inch long plastic bags
    • Tie tightly
  6. Refrigerate
    • Wait until the mixture freezes

Want some more flavors? Here is the full list of our powders!