Negosyo Now Recipe: Sisig
Sisig for Your Business
September 08, 2020

We all know that Sisig is one of the Filipino’s all-time favorite meals. Fatty crispy texture sizzled pork. This dish is so versatile; it is served as your typical “pulutan” but can be served as your main dish as well. Since it is popular, many variations surfaced. Some serve it with egg, and some serve it with a huge amount of mayonnaise. But regardless in how you make Sisig, it always tastes good and customers always find it so delicious. Adding this dish on your menu is definitely a good idea!

We can teach you how to make your easy and fast sisig dish. Follow these simple steps and learn how to make sisig in an instant!


  • 150g Buddies Sisig Meat  
  • 3g Kusinamate Sisig Spice Mix  
  • 10g Kusinamate Soy Sauce  
  • Kusinamate Mayonnaise  
  • 150g White Onion
  • 5g Green Chilli

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September 08, 2020




  1. Saute 150 grams of Sisig Meat
  2. Add 150 grams of white onion
    • Cook until it turns brown
  3. Pour 10 grams of soy sauce
  4. Add 5 grams of green chilli
  5. Add 3 grams of sisig spice mix
  6. Serve with mayo on top

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