Negosyo Now Recipe: Waffle Mix
Waffle Mix for Your Business
October 10, 2019

Belgian waffles are affordable and great. A heavy snack can be consumed as breakfast, afternoon snack and dessert. It’s perfect for your breakfast meals or dessert meals in your coffee shop, milk tea shop, restaurant or at home!

It can be served in many unique ways; but the most popular of serving is with sweet chocolate syrup. Make sure your food cart coffee shop, food kiosk, milk tea shop, restaurant or shop has a great supplier of Waffle Mixes that offer wholesale prices!

The sweet scent of your mouthwatering waffles will catch your customers’ attention. Follow these steps and make your waffles fluffier and delicious.


  • Syrup  
  • 1 Cup Waffle Mix  
  • 3 tablespoon cooking oil  
  • 1 Cup Water
  • 1 Egg

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October 10, 2019

Waffle Mix

Waffle Mix


  1. Mix the ingredients in a large bowl
    • Make sure to mix it well until it dissolve
  2. Prep Waffle Maker
    • Use brush to spread cooking oil in the waffle maker
  3. Pour mixed ingredients on the waffle maker
  4. Steam for 3 minutes
    • Avoid lifting the lid too soon, it may cause your waffle to rip
  5. Place toppings
    • There are many toppings in the list you might enjoy. Chocolate syrup, strawberry syrups, caramel syrup, whip cream, ice cream and many more! You choose.

Make sure to serve immediately, your customers will surely love it! Shop now or you can order through +639177124824 and make your restaurant, food cart, milk tea shop, restaurant or coffee shop more exciting with new menus!