Siopao & Siomai Package
Siopao & Siomai Package
Supplier : Onprem Concepts
About Siopao & Siomai Package

Start your own siomai and siopao negosyo now and serve the Pinoy's love for these oriental delicacies. Filling and tasty, with complete complements of delicious steamed bread and meat and tasty sauces, no Filipino can resist the temptation for a quick snack. Buy high-quality, affordable and ready-to-steam siomai and siopao wholesale at and increase your profits now!

  • Steamer Meduim 4 Layers (1pc)
  • Tong (1pc)
  • Menu Tarp (1pc)
  • Squeeze Bottle (1pc)
  • Gopao Siopao Asado Jumbo 6s (1pack)
  • Gopao Siopao Asado Regular 12s (1pack)
  • Gopao Siopao BolaBola Jumbo 6s (1pack)
  • Gopao Siopao BolaBola Regular 12s (1pack)
  • SIOPAO MINI UBE 24S (1pack)
  • Siomai 30s (1pack)
  • Kusinamate Toyomansi 1L (1pc)
  • Plastic Wrapper 100s (1pck)
  • Siomai Tray 25s (1pck)