Negosyo Now Recipe: Shawarma
Shawarma for Your Business
October 12, 2020
Beef Shawarma

Roll, wrap and twist. One of the best go-to-foods of Filipinos is the famous Shawarma! Grilled meat that comes with lots of crisp vegetables and cheese and tahini sauce. It also makes customers to decide on what to eat easier especially when they’re short in time, they just grab their shawarma. There are various kinds to choose from, you may choose beef, chicken or even on open plate! But for this tutorial, we chose the classic beef shawarma!

You don’t have to worry how it’s done, we’ve got that covered. It’s easy and simple if you follow these steps.


  • Kusinamate Beef Shawarma  
  • 5AM Pita Bread Regular  
  • Kusinamate Cheese Sauce Powder  
  • Kusinamate Tahini Sauce  
  • Kusinamate Hot Sauce  

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October 12, 2020




  1. Cook shawarma beef and heat pita bread
  2. Put the ingredients together in pita bread
    • You may put your chosen vegetables for your shawarma like tomatoes, onions, etc.
  3. Add the sauces
    • Cheese Sauce, Tahini Sauce and/or Hot Sauce
  4. Wrap the pita and serve

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